This image of the ewes and lambs in the fog could easily be what is going on inside my head at the moment…Foggy with a hint of future but it just seems so out of reach.

One step forward and ten steps back.

Those who know me know I’m a planner, I do like to be organised and I enjoy staying positive and have been known to put a positive spin on the most horrendous situations- onwards and upwards! But it’s getting really challenging to stay up beat for everyone.

My thoughts go out to those who don’t have this positivity and conscience awareness of remaining so.

Covid has brought up so many new challenges we could never have thought of, the fact that our ‘free country’ could be locked into state by state sections and we could be ordered to stay home and close businesses at the drop of a hat is mind boggling, not to mention the second rate education we have to put up with for our children. I know the teachers are doing their best but it’s not ideal for anyone and some kids are slipping through the cracks socially, mentally and academically. I know it’s for the best in these ‘unprecedented times’ and we’re ‘all in this together’, but it does make you wonder.

Personally, as soon as I start to make head way in my business or make a plan the rug gets pulled out from underneath me and priorities for my time must shift again.

I know I am lucky

I know I have a beautiful family

I know I live in a safe country

I know I have more than some

I know I should be very grateful for my life (& I am)

But at the end of the day all this shit sucks and I’m finding it tougher and tougher to explain in a politically correct way to a 6 & 4 year old. I just got them sleeping again and ‘Shut the schools!’. My kids love school and kindy but how long can they manage the chop and change before they get disheartened and decide it’s easier to act out or dislike school because it’s not a place they know well enough and it’s always back to square one with new rules every time; I struggle to know what I can and can’t do anymore. Mask on, mask off, can I duck into the supermarket with the kids, can I book in work, can I have a wanker coffee in a glass?

I’m not even going to get started on living in another state to your family, at this rate we should’ve just moved to another country may have been easier to visit.

And I won’t bang on about the economic situation many are forced into or the state of our countries financial burden or the vaccination program.

I will be ok but I’m just a disappointed and feel let down.

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