Thanks for stopping by........

My name is Kate and I have a problem.....

I love taking photos and being creative!

Also addicted to coffee, love an alcoholic beverage too but thankfully my preference would be coffee, this I struggle to control.

Now you might notice from my social pages I'm not so big on having my face out there but I enjoy sharing with you all, livestock faces which are much cuter anyway.

Rest assured I do actually exist and I am a person not a robot.

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As with many business plans, mine has grown and changed over the years.

I offer much more than just photographs or sweet little note cards.


I can also assist with:

  • Social Media Posts

  • Branding of your business

  • Logo designs

  • Sounding board for ideas

  • I can assist researching your target market

  • Newsletter creating and email marketing

  • Type stuff up & make it fit your branding

  • Website assistance or design

  • Design and develop products for business. -business cards, promotional material etc

  • I can help refer you to an awesome photographer in your state (I'm currently stuck in mine)

  • Help...If you need any help you think I could assist with just drop me a line! 


Exciting & Upcoming

Here are a few events or people I am keen to support or assist.

Jump over and check them out!

Rural Womens Day Event

An amazing event designed by

Zoe- A Mental Note

Kristina - Painting in the Paddock

Tina- Three Little Boys Clothing

for rural women in celebration of  Rural Womens Day.

Take some time to try something new and have a laugh and a chat with other like minded rural women.

Your Ideas Or Events

Do you have an idea you need help with executing or maybe an event you want help with?

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